Cross & Crown

Cross & Crown is an exciting new group that has recently been added to our Youth Ministry!  Cross and Crown is offered to children in 5th - 7th grades and is focused on faith, fun and friends. 

This is a wonderful fellowship opportunity for our younger group and a time when they can celebrate and expand on their faith together while having a great time!  As this is a new program we do not yet have a set time for meetings.  Please watch our calender for postings on the next meeting and events.

CTK Trinity Youth

CTK Trinity Youth group is offered to those in 8th -12th grades.   CTK Trinity Youth meets on the first Sunday of each month and focuses on faith, service, fun and friendship.  We think service to our community is an important part of who we are as Christians and we want to share that with our Youth Ministry.  CTK Trinity Youth participates in many community service projects and programs.  There are also casual meetings giving our group time to connect with one another and grow friendships in a relaxed, Christ-centered environment.

For information visit us on Instagram @ctktrinityyouth and on Facebook at: