Baby Bottle

Baby Bottle Campaign - Redeeming Life Maternity Home

Christ the King presents our 3rd Annual Baby Bottle Fundraising Campaign for Redeeming Life Maternity Home!

In celebration of life, we have the opportunity to partner with Redeeming Life Maternity Home as we reach out to pregnant women in crisis.  Redeeming Life provides critical services to expectant mothers and their unborn children by giving them hope and an opportunity for a bright future.  The home provides residents, some of whom believe that their only option is abortion, a safe, nuturing Christ-centered home.  At Redeeming Life they experience, many for the first time, what it means to love and to be loved in Christ, while learning to support themselves and their child.  It's easy to participate.  The next time you visit Christ the King, just pick up a baby bottle in the back of the church and fill it with coins, cash or a check over the coming weeks.  Bring it back to church on Father's Day, June 16th and know that your giving is making a difference for the women and babies being served at Redeeming life!