Dear CTK Family ... and many others that I would like to include,
Things keep moving so fast with all of this Virus/Quarantine business!  As I said on Sunday, so many things are just a “question mark” right now.  So, there are new developments and changes, and I’m sure things will change again.
The CDC, the President, the Governor, and, I’m sure, the Hillsborough administrators, have now recommended that we limit ourselves to gatherings of 10 or less, if at all possible.  After consultation with the Elders, we’ve decided to cancel all regular services and gatherings at this time.  This decision will be revisited as needed.
However, we are still Christians.  We are still called upon to receive the Lord’s Word, Sacraments, and gifts.  We are still called upon to worship and pray.  It is not for us to simply walk away from the practice of our Christian faith during this time.  As a pastor, you have called me to actively and boldly proclaim the message of Jesus Christ and to minister to our flock and our community EVEN in times of need and trial.
Please continue to monitor our website and Facebook page for resources you can look to at this time, including video devotions that we will be posting.
Yours in Christ,
Pastor Yoakum